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Fishing in Wichita

Summer is almost here, and that means it's time for fishing!

National Go Fishing Day takes place on June 18, and our real estate agents are ready to join the community lakeside at some of Wichita's top fishing spots. If you need a nice, refreshing break from looking at Wichita homes for sale, this may be the solution for you.

There are more than 120,000 lakes and ponds throughout the state of Kansas, making fishing one of its most popular local sports. And although fishing often requires a license – both in Kansas and in neighboring Missouri – "Free Fishing Days" take place many weekends during the summer.

Some of the best fishing holes in Kansas are right here in the Wichita area. You might just land a record catch ... and you're sure to meet some other anglers along the way. It's a great way to make friends in a relaxing outdoor environment.

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Wichita Donuts

Why did the donut go to the dentist? To get a filling! All joking aside, National Donut Day is on Friday, June 5th, and our real estate agents are serious about these delicious baked goods. 

For National Donut Day, we invite you to grab a box of our favorite donuts from these Wichita bakeries.

  • Hurts Donut – 7010 W. 21st St. N., Wichita, KS 67212
    Hurts Donut
    believe no one should feel the pain of being without a donut at any time of the day or night. That's why they're open 25 hours a day, 8 days a week! Spoiler alert, their donuts have a serious personality. With over 70 varieties to choose from, you'll have a difficult time deciding between the White and Nerdy, the English Gentlemen, the Andes Mint, and the Bavarian.

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Downsizing Your Home

Have you caught yourself dreaming of a space with less square footage than your current home? Many factors can go into why you might want to downsize and find a smaller dwelling among Wichita homes for sale.

Think it's time to downsize? Read over these seven signs it's time to downsize.

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Home Improvement Apps

Home improvement projects often go more smoothly when they're well planned. Determining which materials you'll need, calculating costs, and coming up with design ideas can be challenging. Our real estate agents help clients with Wichita homes for sale figure out which projects should be tackled to increase the value of their home and help it look its best. Here are a few apps to make that project a little bit (or a lot!) easier.

  1. Houzz
    One of the most popular social networks for interior design and home improvement, Houzz offers a free app for both iOS and Android. It gives you access to an extensive array of photos, articles, and discussions where you can commiserate with other home improvement fanatics about everything from choosing furniture to hanging drywall.
  2. Handyman Calculator
    This app allows you to plan and track the progress of your renovation projects. You can measure the square footage of rooms, make cost estimations, create lists for materials you'll need, track the time you spend on tasks, and do all types of complex calculations. A favorite with construction and design professionals, Handyman Calculator helps you save time and money. This app is only available for Android, but Home Improvement Calcs is another great option that's available on iOS.  
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Virtual Game Night Wichita

Whether you're searching for a way to keep your kids entertained or trying to find a fun way to stay connected to your friends and family, technology makes it possible to stay connected while practicing social distancing. Hosting a virtual game night is easier than ever, with plenty of free or low-cost options for playing video games, board games, or classics like charades from home. Our real estate agents have all the details on how to host a virtual game night in Wichita and enjoy quality time with friends from the comfort of home.

  • Find an App That Works for Everyone
    While you can play many games fully online, sometimes its fun to play a classic like Pictionary, charades, or bingo through video chat, whether you choose Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, or something else, just make sure that everyone who wants to play has access to the same app on their devices. If you've been virtually shopping for Wichita homes for sale, then you might already be familiar with these apps. Once everyone is set up, create your group, add your friends, and let the virtual fun begin!

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Historical Landmarks Wichita

Wichita, KS is the state's largest city, and since it was founded in 1864, the area has grown exponentially. Many historic landmarks help tell the story of its residents and growth and have been preserved and restored through the years.

Take your kids on a drive through the area for a hands-on history lesson! Our real estate agents suggest taking note of the following 5 historical landmarks near Wichita:

  1. Dr. Charles E. Bowers House - 1004 N. Market St., Wichita
    The Dr. Charles E. Bowers House is a two-story brick American Foursquare that's located in the Midtown neighborhood, which is the oldest in Wichita. It was built in 1906 for Dr. Charles E. Bowers, a surgeon and general practice doctor who pioneered the use of X-rays in 20th century Wichita. It represents an outgrowth of the Prairie style, which is famous for its symmetry, simple rectangular plan, and large dormers, and the house has been extensively restored over the years.

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Landscaping Trends

Spring is in the air, but for many homeowners, their lawns still look like they're recovering from the winter. Landscaping is an important element of every home. For those selling their homes, curb appeal can attract or detract potential buyers. Even those who are not planning to sell should prioritize their front and backyard landscaping. If you'd like to spruce up your exterior this spring, our real estate agents suggest following these fresh spring landscaping trends.

  1. Low-Maintenance Landscaping
    While some homeowners love spending hours perfecting every blade of grass, others prefer to devote their time to other areas of the home. Thankfully, there are ways you can create an attractive lawn with minimalist or low-maintenance ideas. Native plants and succulents require less attention than other plants, while beds of rock or mulch highlight the shrubbery or plants that you have while decreasing the amount of space you need to care for.

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Wichita Picnic Spots

Now that the warm sun has sent the chill of winter away, it's time to head back outdoors and enjoy the hundreds of acres of natural space Wichita has to offer! Our real estate agents believe that one of the best ways to ring in the spring is to visit one of these Wichita city parks for an afternoon picnic.

  1. Botanica — 701 Amidon St., Wichita, KS 67203
    Botanica is a special place in the city, opened in 1987 through a combined effort of the City of Wichita and the Wichita Area Garden Council. This 18-acre stretch of fresh greenspace features over 4,000 species of plants, including the popular spring bloomers like tulips, daffodils, azaleas, and roses. Open year-round between Monday and Saturday, the Botanica Wichita Gardens is the perfect place to bring the family for a stroll and a relaxing picnic.

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